What we do

Everyone knows the wisdom of building on a sound foundation. For your tooth this means making the root healthy and its walls strong.

At Crescent Endodontics this is what we do best. When our work is done, your dentist can use our foundation to build a strong bite and a beautiful smile.

Simply put, we firmly believe that we understand how your problem came about and how to put it right.

Kid's Treatment

How we work

At Crescent Endodontics, the latest techniques are practiced using the best materials and equipment. Our dedication to excellence means that no effort is spared in making your visit worthwhile.

We confidently state that our results compare favourably with the best in the scientific literature.

Our success is seen in the large number of patients who initially attend our practice and also return for their later endodontic treatment needs.

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Your safety & comfort

We understand that safety and comfort are as important to you as success and science.

Your safety is ensured by strict adherence to modern cleanliness standards.

Enhancing comfort

Dr Kennedy’s research thesis looked at improving the use of local anaesthetic. His deep understanding of this topic equips him with the skills to ensure the comfort of every patient.

We want your visit to be calm and pleasant and will use all our expertise to make it so.

Dr Donagh Kennedy

Dr Kennedy has focused on the special skills of root canal treatment for over 20 years. Based on these years of experience, he believes no one should needlessly lose a natural tooth.

He commits to giving every patient the best chance of successful treatment.

To honour this commitment, Dr Kennedy obtained a Masters in Endodontics from Guys Hospital in London. He both attends and gives courses nationally and internationally.

Returning to your dentist

Once your tooth has been saved, a report is promptly sent to your dentist. We know and respect all the dentists with whom we work.

It is usually necessary for your dentist to place a crown on a root-filled tooth. We will ensure that your dentist understands what we have done and that your later care can progress smoothly.


We are delighted to offer assistance in any way we can. Referrals are accepted from dental colleagues only. Click the link below to begin.

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Fee Guide

Consultation & Radiographs €90
Incisor Root Canal Treatment €745
Premolar Root Canal Treatment €845
Molar Root Canal Treatment €945
Core Structure €120
Cement Barrier €95

Please note that, where possible, it is our policy to place buildup material in the teeth we treat. This facilitates placement of the final restoration on your tooth (usually a crown) by your dentist. Your dentist's fee is separate from ours. A cement barrier is only placed if there is a clinical indication.


Urgent Appointments

Dr Kennedy recognises that your needs might be urgent. He reserves one appointment every day for individuals requiring prompt attention.

This service can be requested by your dentist or by calling the practice directly on 091 586 005.

There is no additional fee for this service.


Happy Air

Healthcare is at it's best when comfort is at it's greatest. Dr Kennedy offers the comfort and safety of 'Happy Air' to patients he believes will benefit.

With an unblemished safety record dating back to 1844, 'Happy Air' is a form of conscious sedation that reduces anxiety and increases your sense of control.

Your time with us flies by! Unlike other sedation techniques, 'Happy Air' leaves you alert and ready to drive thirty minutes after your appointment is over.

'Happy Air' makes saving teeth an easy and everyday experience.


Kids' treatment - our technique

Our technique has been developed over many cases – we now do a Happy Air Trial at the child’s first “treatment” appointment and carry out the operative dentistry at a second appointment which is usually scheduled on the following day.

Parents and patients are greatly reassured by this approach and invaluable rapport is built.


Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation is a carefully monitored technique that achieves a state of profound relaxation. The patient remains conscious and capable of purposeful response to verbal instruction at all times.

Outside the hospital environment Crescent Endodontics offers the only consultant-delivered dental sedation service in Ireland.

We offer Conscious Sedation for those patients with no systemic medical disease or patients with mild systemic disease that is well controlled.